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Computing Science and Mathematics
Virtual Graduation Day 2020

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, this year's graduation ceremony was cancelled/postponed. As a little celebration and an opportunity for the division to congratulate our graduates and prize winners, we held a virtual graduation and prize-giving ceremony on Microsoft Teams. The following are a few screenshots from this event and you can click on an image to get the full resolution version

You might also like to view the full recording (1h 13m 45s) of the Teams Virtual Graduation, 2020.

We hope to see all of our graduates in person at a suitable event in the future.

Congratulations to all of our graduates and prize winners.

24.06.2020 - Computing Science and Mathematics Graduates

Head of Division, Dr Kevin Swingler, kicks off proceedings from the comfort of his home office...

...and a few other faces (and initials!) at the start.

BSc (Hons) Applied Computing

Ryan John Junor, Luca Fanottoli
Louis Smith, Nicholas Whitton, Kirsten Speirs
Hamish David Dickson, Ryan Miller, Raina Durnan

BSc (Hons) Computing Science

Matthew Brown, Ryan Thomas Kelly, Zara Lambert
Cara Wilson Murphy, Nicole Herrington, Luke Armstrong
Isla Roberts, Ashley Johnston, Bridget Meade

BSc (Hons) Business Computing
BSc (Hons) Computing Science
BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
BSc (Hons) Computing Science and Mathematics

Constantinos Constantinou (CS), Ashley Atkinson (CS&M), Muhammad Ajmal (SE)
Peter Carlisle (BC), Stephanie Louise Massie (CS&M)

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and its Applications

Dora Kiraly, Anabel Sinclair, Nikki Rachel Graham
Zachary Ian Duckworth, Louise Una Joan Dicks

BAcc (Hons) Accountancy and Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Professional Education (Secondary)
BA (Hons) Economics and Mathematics

Paige Elizabeth Lawrie, Lauren Harker
Jialian Yu

Dr Kevin Graham celebrates the award of his PhD with supervisor Dr Sandy Brownlee...and a convenient trophy!

Computing Science and Mathematics Prize Winners 2019-20

Computing Science: Excellent Performance, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year

Dr Kevin Swingler with:
Hugh MacNally (1st Year)
Filip Christian Olsson (3rd Year)
Manjinder Singh (3rd year)

Also awarded, but not present today:
Peter Erik Samuel Sandas (1st Year)
Giancarlo Antonino Pasquale Ignazio Catalano (1st Year)
Benedek Tatar (2nd Year)
Jorge Luis Mendez Hulett (2nd Year)

Computing Science: Excellent Performance in 4th Year

Dr Kevin Swingler with:
Nicholas Whitton
Ryan John Junor
Stephanie Louise Massie

Also awarded, but not present today:
Calum Arthur

Computing Science: BCS membership (for excellent performance in 4th year)

Dr Kevin Swingler with:
Peter Carlyle
Ashley Johnson

Also awarded, but not present today:
Jonathan Burgess
Jakub Hovorka
Asim Aryal

Computing Science: prize nominations

Dr Kevin Swingler with:
Samuel Andrew Martin (ScotlandIS Young Software Engineer of the Year)
Cara Wilson Murphy (Dee Amy-Chinn Undergraduate Prize for Gender Studies)

Faculty Prize for Research-based Learning

Dr Kevin Swingler with:
Nicholas Whitton (Computing Science)
Dora Kiraly (Mathematics)

Mathematics: Outstanding Performance, 1st and 2nd Year

Prof Rachel Norman with:
Gemma Gruneberg-MacKenzie (1st year)
Dirk Goldschmitt (2nd year)

Also awarded, but not present today:
Giancarlo Antonino Pasquale Ignazio Catalano (1st year)
Andrew Dunbar (1st year)
Marina Catala Garcia (1st year)
Kerry Emma Annett (1st year)

Mathematics: IMA Membership - for outstanding performance in Mathematics course

Prof Rachel Norman with:
Dora Kiraly
Anabel Sinclair

Mathematics: 4th Year Student - exceptional commitment and dedication to academic study

Prof Rachel Norman with:
Nikki Rachel Graham

Mathematics: FK Bell prize

In memory of Francis Bell, who was a lecturer in Mathematics

Prize for most improved student in 3rd year

Annabel Jarvis

Mathematics: Kate Howie award

In memory of Kate Howie, who was a teaching fellow in Mathematics

Best 4th year student in statistics modules

Prof Rachel Norman with:
Anabel Sinclair

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