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Student Success in Mathematics Competition

Left to right: Prof Ian Simpson (Head of School, School of Natural Sciences),
Jacob Whittle, Catriona Scott, Adrian Worton, Lee Reich,
Prof John Gardner (Deputy Principal, Education and Students),
Paul McMenemy, Anastasia Uminski, James Risk, Stephanie Rae, Yang Liu

This year three Stirling teams of Mathematics students participated in an international Mathematical Contest in Modelling, organised by COMAP (the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications). 3697 teams from 16 countries were solving an applied mathematical problem. 8 teams from the UK participated in the contest, 3 from Stirling and 5 from Cambridge.

One of our teams, Catriona Scott, Adrian Worton and Jacob Whittle, was among the top 1% Finalists. Our team was the only one from the UK (and from Europe) to make it to the final.

Two other Stirling teams (Stephanie Rae, Anastasia Uminski and Paul McMenemy; Yang Liu, Lee Reich and James Risk) received the Honorable Mention, placing them in the top 39% of the teams.

COMAP's Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling are unique among modelling competitions in that they are the only international contests in which students work in teams to find a solution. Centering its educational philosophy on mathematical modeling, COMAP uses mathematical tools to explore real-world problems. It serves the educational community as well as the world of work by preparing students to become better informed - and prepared - citizens, consumers, and workers.