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Autumn 1997 Seminars

The Department of Computing Science and Mathematics presents the following seminars. Unless otherwise stated, seminars will take place in Room 4B94 of the Cottrell Building, University of Stirling from 15.00 to 16.00.

If you would like to give a seminar to the department in future or if you need more information, please contact the seminar organiser Ken Turner (Phone 01786-467-420, Email

19th September 1997

Information-based Complexity and Parallelism

Robert Hiromoto, University of Texas at San Antonio

3rd October 1997

Apathy and Successful Leadership in the Tree Identify Protocol of the Firewire

Dr. Carron Shankland, University of Stirling

In formal methods we are always searching for new and interesting examples to which we can apply our techniques. In this talk I will introduce a case study based on the Philips "Firewire". (More specifically, the tree identify protocol of a high performance serial multimedia bus (IEEE standard 1394)). The description, given using muCRL, is made in varying levels of detail and I show, using the cones and foci technique of Groote and Spring in t'veldt, that these different descriptions are all equivalent under branching bisimulation. I'll also talk about the techniques used, and make some observations about properties of the protocol.

10th October 1997

Two Industrial Applications of Contemporary Verification Techniques

Dr. Jan-Friso Groote, University of Amsterdam

In this talk I will explain how we verified the Philips new remote control standard RC6 whose proof we checked using the proof checker COQ. Then I will spend some time on how we showed safety of the Vital Processor Interlocking in use at the Dutch railway company. If time permits, I will also make some remarks about Cones, Foci and mCRL with real time.

24th October 1997

An Object Calculus with Algebraic Rewriting

Dr. Adriana Compagnoni, University of Edinburgh

In trying to use Abadi and Cardelli's object calculi as a foundation for a programming language, the addition of algebraic data types arises naturally. This work defines such an extension, shows a motivating example, and explores the new calculi by establishing properties such as Church-Rosser, subject reduction and uniqueness of types. The work is joint with Maribel Fernandez (ENS Paris).

7th November 1997

Modelling Digital Logic in SDL

Prof. Ken Turner, University of Stirling

The specification of digital logic in SDL (Specification and Description Language) is investigated. A specification approach is proposed for multi-level descriptions of hardware behaviour and structure. The modelling method exploits features introduced in SDL-92. The approach also deals with the specification, analysis and simulation of timing aspects at any level in the specification of digital logic.

12th December 1997

LOTOS Specifications from OO Models

Dr. Bob Clark University of Stirling

Creating a full LOTOS specification is not only difficult, it includes many detailed and rather tedious tasks especially in the data typing area. We demonstrate how outline full LOTOS specifications can be generated automatically from OO models. A major part of this task is identifying the mappings between OO and LOTOS constructs. The OO models used are expressed in UML (Unified Modeling Language) which is being adopted as the industrial standard OO modelling notation. This work is in collaboration with the Systems Engineering Research Institute in Korea.

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