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My research interests can be broadly classified as advanced methods and tools for designing complex systems.

In terms of fundamental techniques, my interests include:

Cyan Dot systems architecture: architectural concepts and their specification
Cyan Dot formal modelling: representation and analysis of systems and their architectures
Cyan Dot policy-based management: languages and tool support for automated rule-based management of systems.

I also strongly believe in applying research to concrete applications. The domains I have contributed to include:

Cyan Dot systems architecture: design of advanced communications systems
Cyan Dot communications services: rigorous modelling and analysis of services for data, voice, web, grid, devices and statistics
Cyan Dot social and health care: technologies, services and networks for care at home
Cyan Dot policy-based management: flexible control over voice services, home care services and sensor networks
Cyan Dot medical devices: rigorous modelling and testing, particularly of radiotherapy devices
Cyan Dot quality of service: network characteristics
Cyan Dot hardware description: formal description and testing.

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Last Update: 1st May 2019