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This is one set of the public-domain BaKoMa fonts packaged for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP. My only contribution was to name the fonts so that they appear under the ComputerModern and LaTeX font families. Other versions of these for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP present the fonts individually, which greatly clutters the font list. The advantage of PostScript fonts is that they are arbitrarily scalable, and should be used when generating PDF from PostScript.


Use (La)TeX as usual. When a PostScript file referring to the fonts is downloaded to a printer, the fonts will be included automatically (at least, for a network-connected HP JetDirect printer or if printing is done from an application like Preview). To include the fonts when running dvips, create a special configuration file with the name of a pseudo-printer (e.g. config.file) and `print' to this. This configuration file needs to include font maps telling dvips that the ComputerModern and LaTeX are not printer-resident and need to be included. The font maps must refer to the font outline files, e.g. /LocalLibrary/Fonts/ComputerModern-cmbsy10.font/ComputerModern-cmbsy10, as the source of the font information.


Unpack all the fonts into /LocalLibrary/Fonts or ~/Library/Fonts and then run buildafmdirwith /LocalLibrary/Fonts or ~/Library/Fonts as its argument.


These are public-domain fonts merely packaged by me. All the work of creating the fonts was undertaken by Basil K. Malyshev.


Version 1.0: First public version, Ken Turner, 24th January 2001

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