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Dr Sandy Brownlee

PhD Supervision

I have been privileged to work with a number of talented individuals working their way to a PhD. They are listed below, with a brief note about where they are now (if I have that information!)

Current Students

Principal supervisor for Manjinder Singh - mining surrogates for explaining non-deterministic solvers

Principal supervisor for Muyao Fan - building surrogates for optimisation of deep-learning models

Former students

Principal supervisor for Aidan Wallace - mining surrogates for explaining non-deterministic solvers - switched careers to paramedicine and still assisting with teaching in machine learning

Principal supervisor for Kevin Graham - viva date 7/1/2019, "An Investigation Of Factors Influencing Algorithm Selection For High Dimensional Continuous Optimisation Problems" - currently working with me on a few industrial projects

Co-supervisor for Ken Reid (principal supervisor Jingpeng Li) - viva date 2/9/2019 - "Metaheuristics For Solving Real World Employee Rostering And Shift Scheduling Problems" - currently working at Mitchigan State University

External co-supervisor for Vivi Vatougiou (principal supervisor Jon Wright) at Loughborough University - Retrofit heat pump and thermal storage systems for UK houses - now a postdoc at Heriot-Watt University

Co-supervisor for Jason Adair (principal supervisor Gabriela Ochoa) - viva date 14/8/2018, "Search Based Approaches For Improved Training Of BCI Applications" - now a lecturer in CSM at Stirling

Co-supervisor for Saemi Haraldsson (principal supervisor John Woodward) - viva date 23/8/2017, "Genetic Improvement: From Program Landscapes to the Automatic Improvement of a Live System" - now a lecturer in CSM at Stirling

Co-supervisor for Mengchao (Wendy) Wang (principal supervisor Jon Wright). Viva date 10/6/2014, with thesis "Sensitivity Analysis and Evolutionary Optimization for Building Design". Her thesis can be found at Loughborough University. Currently at East China Urban Architectural Design and Research Institute.